Bad Rock Auto

Bad Rock Auto is a locally owned, small town auto repair shop and used car sales dealer nestled in the foothills of Pike Peak. The owner, Todd Basnett, has been involved with the SBDC for one year. He began attending entrepreneurship classes in March of 2023, completing a 9-week course. After this course, he fulfilled a long-time goal of purchasing his own auto repair shop in January of 2024.

Over 20 years ago, Todd starting his automotive career washing cars for a local new car dealership while attending college in West Virginia. After switching gears and following his interest in the automotive business, Todd became the youngest Harley-Davidson service manager in the country. Many years followed sharing time with Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep and Gmc/Buick/Pontiac and finally at a Ford dealership in Colorado. After helping an independent auto shop thrive, Todd thought it was time for him to take charge of his own shop.

Our repair shop and used car dealership, Bad Rock Auto, caters to our small community, from in-town, to as far as the last ranch in the county. Opening 20 years ago, the shop has been a staple for locals and travelers far and wide when visiting our beautiful high country Rocky Mountains. Bad Rock Auto is also a member of the Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce , educational philanthropist, and local volunteer. Visit us on Facebook or our website at!

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Shaula Denton

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