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I not only left the consultation a bit more educated but boy was I inspired! Ramon [Alvarez] is a true mentor and amazing human being and I look forward to working with him and SBDC more in the future.

JJ Lopez

Janet [Brugger] was very knowledgeable and helpful.

RoxSana Ballard

Heather [McBroom] did great. We had some technical difficulties but it still went smoothly! She helped me understand exactly what I need to in order to know if I want to start my own business or not.

Madison Dobson

Absolutely wonderful and incredibly helpful! Thank you Darrell [Fleck] and everyone at the SBDC

Jennifer Higby

John [Lubitz] was fantastic, lots of great information and insight for our company.

Brandon Lee

Becky Fuller was very reassuring that we are on the right track for our small business plans. She was very knowledgeable, provided options and made suggestions on next steps.

Penny Schelling

Mr. John Lubitz was very knowledgeable, professional, kind and helpful. I’m so grateful for his advice and encouragement.

Lisa Marie Staton

Ron O’Herron is very smart, encouraging and helpful.

Erin Hatfield

Shaula Denton, Mark Bittle, and John Lubitz provided awesome support that was very much needed.

Valerie Wilmot

Great service, Janet was very helpful! Thank you!

Suzanne Rome

Cory was fantastic. I am looking forward to a long future working with her.

Priscilla Baltazar

Tiffany was great. Thank you!

Hally Brooke

Cory was very pleasant, courteous and helpful. I would like to say Thank You for her guidance that helped me through a complicated application process thereby reducing my anxiety! Thank you again.

Tammy Muller

Ron was very humble, soft spoken, eager to help me. I’m very grateful for him and the SBDC team.

Vanessa Chambers

My husband/business partner learned so much from Darrell!!! He really opened our eyes and had great questions for us that we never thought about. Darrell is awesome!! He truly is an amazing consultant!

Annette Verones

It was great. Reanna helped me so much.

Sheena Sampsel

Brandon provided much appreciated advice. We are going to contract with him for additional guidance.

Patrick Going

SBDC helps me with trainings and consultants, but the best thing is, they help me to become more confident. Even with my limitation with the language, my consultants were very patient and helpful. I really want to thank the team of SBDC for the great work they’re doing and their motivation for helping people to achieve their goals.

Rose Marie Jeanithe-Raphael

Brads was wonderful and provided lots of valuable information.

Sharon OBrien

Steve provided very helpful information. I am already implementing the things I learned and will return for another meeting!

Rebecca Brewster

Steve is very knowledgeable and professional.

Fermin Venzor

An amazing experience. I’ve never owned my own business and the knowledge Steve shared has been instrumental in moving forward.

Traci Herrera

Cory has been extremely valuable advice and knowledge wise throughout every encounter, conversation, or meeting I’ve had with her. She is so dynamic and genuine in her duties and concern with her clients. So happy to have her in my corner.

Gary Smith

Christina Gilbertson was very professional, humble, and helpful. I immediately applied two recommendations she gave me after our talk. Thank you SBDC!!!

Jason Krause

Jacqueline Proffit was awesome.

Kyle Guillory

Brad and Reanna were so generous to give me time and share their expertise. I learned a ton and both sessions provided much-needed clarity. Thank you so much for all you do, SBDC!

Lara White

This session [with Brandon Lee] was very helpful. I want to thank SBDC for the knowledge I got from the workshops and the consultants.

Rose Marie Jeanithe-Raphael

Darrell Fleck is very professional and insightful.

Robert Noble

SBDC gave me solid advice on how to register and set-up my business with the IRS and State of Colorado. I was also able to get consulting and marketing advice which helped guide my thought process when building my website. Thank-you!

Elisha Stewart

The SBDC in Colorado Springs has been a truly amazing resource. Someday, I hope I can somehow either work with the SBDC and/or provide funding for its continued success. I talk it up every chance I get.

John Gregory

Both Shaula [Denton] and Steve [Imke] are fantastic! The resources at SBDC are always so helpful and relevant to my needs.

Jaecie Butler

SBDC personnel (Ron O’Herron) remains a source of advise and guidance throughout our rapid period of growth. His personal and professional investment in our success provides support we need to navigate new and unknown territory.

Andrew Dark

“You [SBDC] helped us stay afloat and take care of patients that would of other wise gone without care. This ensured people would be taken care of and stay on the right meds.”

Richard Thompson

“Many thanks! Speaking with Steve [Imke] opened up a new perspective for me! Can’t wait for my next session with a counselor.”

Codi Belcher

“Excellent business plan and example provided. It really made me rethink the direction I was taking certain aspects of my company.”

Richard Jarry

“I learned so much from the class I took with Cory [Arcarese]. I’m excited to implement all my new knowledge in my business. Thank you so much.”

Julie Carey

“John was very knowledgeable and helpful. He had information that is very useful to me.”

Kirk Mayne

“Was highly impressed with my brief conversation I had with Mr. O’Herron. And very appreciative on feedback and advice I’ve received as well!”

Christopher Perez

“I’m so pleased with this class and the support of all the consultants. Thank you, I have learned a lot.”

Heather Northrup

“Very helpful, SBDC is doing a great job providing knowledge and support to small business owners.”

Rose Marie Jeanithe-Raphael

“This was so very helpful!!!”

Jamie Bowker

“[Cory’s] the best!! We are deaf and she was patient, cooperative to different ways of communication and sincerely felt empathy for our situation.”

Emily-Charmaine Evans

“Cory is a viable asset to Hillside Connection and the Southeast Community. She is very transparent and gives you insights that are relevant to your current situation. She truly cares about her clients.”

Terrell Brown

“Ya’ll are awesome! Great resources.”

Bob Gemignani

“[John is] very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.”

Lexi Ellis

“It was great. [Christina] helped me so much.”

Sheena Sampsel

“Cory seems really plugged in and ready/able to help!”

Jonathan Greenlee

“It was a very helpful, insightful training and I would retake it again if I could.”

Jodi Lang

“Such a great resource, thanks so much!”

Genevive Free

“Estamos agradecidos por el apoyo que nos brindan, muchos conocimientos que si ponemos en prácticas lograremos realzar nuestras ventas, asesoría precisa y enriquecedora.”

Maria Silva

“I came in the door discouraged and considering giving up. And 49 minutes later, I walked out the same door, head held high with a plan for success. I would say that Cory is priceless to your establishment. I know that she is priceless to me. Thank you so much, Cory!”

Brenda Davis

“I appreciate his energy and perspectives! And more importantly, respect when I was interested in selecting a different approach.”

Chad Manifold

“Cory was amazing! I am beyond grateful for her time, and am looking forward to our next session.”

Sarah Gregor

“I’m looking forward to applying what I learn and approaching every bit of knowledge with curious intent.”

Jason Burks

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