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We are the Pikes Peak SBDC


“John was very knowledgeable and helpful. He had information that is very useful to me.”

“Cory seems really plugged in and ready/able to help!”

“[Cory’s] the best!! We are deaf and she was patient, cooperative to different ways of communication and sincerely felt empathy for our situation.”

“Cory is a viable asset to Hillside Connection and the Southeast Community. She is very transparent and gives you insights that are relevant to your current situation. She truly cares about her clients.”

“Estamos agradecidos por el apoyo que nos brindan, muchos conocimientos que si ponemos en prácticas lograremos realzar nuestras ventas, asesoría precisa y enriquecedora.”

“Very helpful, SBDC is doing a great job providing knowledge and support to small business owners.”

“Such a great resource, thanks so much!”

“Cory was amazing! I am beyond grateful for her time, and am looking forward to our next session.”

“I’m so pleased with this class and the support of all the consultants. Thank you, I have learned a lot.”

“Ya’ll are awesome! Great resources.”

“It was a very helpful, insightful training and I would retake it again if I could.”

“It was great. [Christina] helped me so much.”

“Was highly impressed with my brief conversation I had with Mr. O’Herron. And very appreciative on feedback and advice I’ve received as well!”

“Many thanks! Speaking with Steve [Imke] opened up a new perspective for me! Can’t wait for my next session with a counselor.”

“I’m looking forward to applying what I learn and approaching every bit of knowledge with curious intent.”

“I appreciate his energy and perspectives! And more importantly, respect when I was interested in selecting a different approach.”

“[John is] very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.”

“This was so very helpful!!!”

“Excellent business plan and example provided. It really made me rethink the direction I was taking certain aspects of my company.”

“I came in the door discouraged and considering giving up. And 49 minutes later, I walked out the same door, head held high with a plan for success. I would say that Cory is priceless to your establishment. I know that she is priceless to me. Thank you so much, Cory!”

“I learned so much from the class I took with Cory [Arcarese]. I’m excited to implement all my new knowledge in my business. Thank you so much.”

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