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The Pikes Peak SBDC offers no cost consulting and no and low-cost business training to small businesses in the Pikes Peak region. Read the testimonials below to hear how the SBDC has helped these businesses!

Daphne Shih Gebauer was fantastic! Came full of information and was patient with me in helping me understand all of the answers to my questions.

Aden Timson

Had a really wonderful conversation with Shaula and I received a lot of useful information to move forward in buying my own business.

Penelope Persson

Everyone had so much expertise and made the content so accessible that I really felt like I will be able to succeed in my business!

Vallorie Buffa

Brandon Lee was very easy to talk with and had excellent suggestions and advice for us. Thank you!

Mary Hanson

Chelsey took the time to get to know me and my situation as well as answer my questions. Super helpful. Thank you!

Allison Roebker

Mr. Ron is awesome! He gave me excellent directions in preparing an excellent Business Plan.

Lucia Harrison

Andra Hargrave was a terrific consultant for me! His selfless sharing of insight, strong experience, and engaging demeanor, are greatly appreciated!

Ramon Alvarez

Kim was a terrific resource with a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise.

Theresa Klinitski

Steve is a great guy! Very knowledgable and incredibly helpful! Thank you!

William (Billy) Ryder

Natalia is so great, friendly and caring. Her knowledge helped guide me gave me clarity and confidence.

Mari Rader

Natalia is very helpful! She always finds the alternative solutions to help the client.

Amar Alimaa

I just can’t thank everyone enough for all the help. I wish I would have known about SBDC sooner.

Kimberly Jones

I appreciate the time, information and resources Ron shared with me on Wednesday. Ron has a lot of experience that I can learn from. I always walk away from the SBDC consultations so much better than when I first walked in because of the genuine help and guidance I always receive.

Ron, Shaula, John, Christina and Heather have all been just great! Thank you, everyone!

I also appreciate the way Shaula schedules appointments for me. She’s always so happy to help and I love spending time with her when I get the chance after my consultations. Shaula’s the best!

Lesie Racz

With the generously help by Ms. Shaula Denton we were able to survive tremendously thru her guidance.

Tony Mendenilla

Ron was wonderful to work with. Very knowledgeable and insightful to my specific business needs. Definitely will enlist his help in the future.

Stephen Spence

Chelsey was great to talk to. She was very knowledgeable and gave good insight into my business situation.

Tony Cobb

Ron was extremely helpful in answering my questions and gave me advice on the next steps to take to start my new business. I look forward to our next meeting.

Tara Head

I have already suggested to my sister and her husband to reach out to the SBDC to help with their home business.

Darren Anderson

Our experience was outstanding, and we are looking forward to the next steps.

Joshua Degenhardt

Best consults always!

Miguel Tully

I recommended the SBDC at Barnes & Noble to a guy in the biz book section. We were talking and he had “Small Business for Dummies” in his hand. I told him to call the SBDC!

Sarah Groh

I really appreciated the advice Steve [Imke] gave me, it was very helpful. His stories were very impactful and taught me a lot.

Amanda Ericson

Ron is always a critical asset to the Integrity team. I am grateful to the SBDC for his support!

Michael Tipton

Heather was very helpful and her skill set matched so well with our needs and direction. 5 STARS

James Bishop

The Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center is helping me by getting me a good, solid foundation for my upcoming business. I haven’t started my business quite yet, but the people at pikes peak SBDC are so nice and knowledgeable. I feel like I am in good hands.

Elena Santiago

Christina helped me to understand the purpose of an operating agreement, as well as what to insert into the document she looked over for me. She explained what important things I should think about concerning opening a trust for my family. She answered all of my legal questions which helped me to continue moving in the right direction as I build my LLC. – I genuinely appreciate all of Christina’s guidance, time and attention. Thank you, Christina!

Leslie Racz

Tiffany is so knowledgable and so generous with her expertise. I was nervous about meeting with a mentor who does such similar work as me, but she was nothing but helpful and encouraging. I hope to meet with her again soon and think she is a total ASSET to SBDC!

Elizabeth Moffett

Tiffany Cox was great. I was really nervous because this was my first time doing any consultation and she answered all of my questions. She even set me up with other consultants which was super helpful. I learned a lot and am thankful.

Elena Santiago

The telephone conference with Mr. Lubitz was very helpful and I am very grateful for the help. I had a few issues I needed to resolve before the first of the month. Thank you so much for your help!

John Stratton

We made a genuine connection with Ron O’Herron. We look forward to his stewardship in working with the members of our organization.

Dale Latty

Both Chelsea Cerrillo and Becky Fuller offered great advice!

Martha Whitlock

He [Darrell Fleck] was very kind and knowledgeable.

Fai Murphy

Heather was very informative. Definitely learned more than I expected.

Will Warren

Shaula is my go to person! She is always helpful in the most important ways and gets back to me quickly with answers to my questions. I can’t express my appreciation enough for all of her help. Shaula is the kind of person who creates a pleasant atmosphere by making everyone feel welcome with her willing cheerfulness. Thank you, Shaula!

Leslie Racz

Thank you so much! All of the consultants have been amazing and so helpful in buying my business.

Danielle Ronner

Ron was exceptional, very attentive, helpful and willing to help ensuring that I was set with the right tools and resources.

Adelmarie Rivera

This session with Reanna was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!

Josh Gates

I was assigned to see Heather McBroom who was just perfect for me to receive my first consultation with! Thank you!

Leslie Racz

Tiffany Cox is a wealth of knowledge and information. Super awesome consult.

Stefan Kochis

Mr. Lubitz is very knowledgeable and diplomatic. He conveys his expertise in a manner that shows respect for the client and offers practical, understandable answers to the questions I asked. I was very impressed.

Mark Guthmiller

“Thanks so much! I have seen many consultants in preparation of buying an existing business in the community and they have all been extremely helpful.”

Danielle Ronner

Brandon [Lee] was amazing, and the rest of you are absolutely fantastic! Thank you for being here!

Johnny Joy

Christina [Gilbertson] is always amazing!!!!! Such great info and helps you work through the process!

Niki Cicak

I thought it was really nice of Shaula [Denton] to send me a text letting me know she had sent me an email so I could get on top of the next steps I needed to take ASAP. I also found the email very informative and helpful.

Elizabeth Armatys

Janet Brugger is very professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of her being a Consultant for the SBDC. I so gratefully appreciated her guidance. Thank you so very much.

Harold Maddox

Jackie Gonzalez was very helpful and patient.

Ryan Presley

You guys are a huge blessing to me. Thank you for all your help. Blessings.

Kevin Moore

Steve was great! He thought of a solution to my problem that never crossed my mind.

Aaron Dagate

Speaking with Shane [Sherman] was so grounding and helpful. I took his advice and I have begun moving my bus forward (albeit a small amount) by researching the grant possibilities and updating my business plan/model and vision.

Sarita Shoemaker

Tiffany is simply amazing!!! Thank you.

Estevan Jaimes

The classes and tutoring sessions are INVALUABLE. I am so thankful for the SBDC!!

Mary Enger RN, BSN, IBCLC

Met with Ms. Shaula Denton at the Pikes Peak SBDC office. She was very knowledgeable gave me a lead were to go and guide me.

Tony Mendenilla

Really great job. Cory is super helpful.

Javier Angulo

Great group of professionals. I am looking forward to working with everyone necessary to assist with my business.

Marc Anthony Rangel

Jackie was wonderful!

Fai Murphy

The SBDC is simply the best! I love emailing the secretary for help—she is so helpful!!

Mary Enger

Loren was very helpful and insightful to talk to. His experience and history provide helpful insights. Thank you.

Logan Rojas

Great information. Thank you so much for all your (Robin Roberts) assistance.

Justin Kush

Ron is great! I greatly appreciate his time, insight and recommendations. I will definitely be meeting with him again as I go through this journey. Awesome staff at the SBDC! Super helpful and takes away some of the nerves venturing out into the business world. Thank you all for everything.

Justin Kush

Tiffany was so sweet. She had a lot of good ideas and suggestions.

Fai Murphy

Both (Jay McKeown & Christina Gilbertson) were very helpful and very professional- yet took a personal interest in my work which was productive in discussions.

Marcus Avery

Greatly appreciate all the help and insight Ron provided. I look forward to continuing my work with him.

Justin Kush

Christina is awesome! So helpful and knowledgeable!

Niki Cicak

“Loren Lancaster answered all my questions and probably talked me out of making a bad decision. Very much appreciated his help. Thank you Loren.”

Shawn Craft

“Heather McBroom is very knowledgeable and eager to answer all questions. Highly recommend.”

Dalia Iris

“Jackie was awesome very very helpful.”

Terrance Coleman

“Ron provided a very solid introduction to SBDC resources and I look forward to continuing with future engagements.”

John Zentner

“Ron has been critical to my company operations. He has helped us go to the next level. His expertise has been super critical. Thank you so much!”

Michael Tipton

“The meeting with Christina was very helpful and made me feel more confident and directed moving forward. Thank you SBDC!”

Chelsea Maffei

“SBDC has helped me to expand my knowledge in the business field and to develop a business plan.”

Marianjely Clark

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect the consultation, but Jacquie gave me all the advice I needed and so much more! SBDC is such an incredible resource for budding businesses like mine. I’ll be back for sure!”

Carrie Johnson

“I not only left the consultation a bit more educated but boy was I inspired! Ramon [Alvarez] is a true mentor and amazing human being and I look forward to working with him and SBDC more in the future.”

JJ Lopez

“Janet [Brugger] was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

RoxSana Ballard

“Heather [McBroom] did great. We had some technical difficulties but it still went smoothly! She helped me understand exactly what I need to in order to know if I want to start my own business or not.”

Madison Dobson

“Absolutely wonderful and incredibly helpful! Thank you Darrell [Fleck] and everyone at the SBDC.”

Jennifer Higby

“John [Lubitz] was fantastic, lots of great information and insight for our company.”

Brandon Lee

“Becky Fuller was very reassuring that we are on the right track for our small business plans. She was very knowledgeable, provided options and made suggestions on next steps.”

Penny Schelling

“Mr. John Lubitz was very knowledgeable, professional, kind and helpful. I’m so grateful for his advice and encouragement.”

Lisa Marie Staton

“Ron O’Herron is very smart, encouraging and helpful.”

Erin Hatfield

“Shaula Denton, Mark Bittle, and John Lubitz provided awesome support that was very much needed.”

Valerie Wilmot

“Great service, Janet was very helpful! Thank you!”

Suzanne Rome

“Cory was fantastic. I am looking forward to a long future working with her.”

Priscilla Baltazar

“Tiffany was great. Thank you!”

Hally Brooke

“Cory was very pleasant, courteous and helpful. I would like to say Thank You for her guidance that helped me through a complicated application process thereby reducing my anxiety! Thank you again.”

Tammy Muller

“Ron was very humble, soft spoken, eager to help me. I’m very grateful for him and the SBDC team.”

Vanessa Chambers

“My husband/business partner learned so much from Darrell!!! He really opened our eyes and had great questions for us that we never thought about. Darrell is awesome!! He truly is an amazing consultant!”

Annette Verones

“It was great. Reanna helped me so much.”

Sheena Sampsel

“Brandon provided much appreciated advice. We are going to contract with him for additional guidance.”

Patrick Going

“SBDC helps me with trainings and consultants, but the best thing is, they help me to become more confident. Even with my limitation with the language, my consultants were very patient and helpful. I really want to thank the team of SBDC for the great work they’re doing and their motivation for helping people to achieve their goals.”

Rose Marie Jeanithe-Raphael

“Ramon Alvarez es un escelente persona.”

Francisco Solis-Moralez

“Brad was wonderful and provided lots of valuable information.”

Sharon OBrien

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