October 16, 2023

Small Business Cybersecurity Summit

October 16, 2023
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

DoubleTree by Hilton
Colorado Springs, CO


Thanks to everyone who attended!

Thank you to everyone who joined the Pikes Peak SBDC’s Cyber: CYA program for Colorado’s premier cybersecurity summit for small businesses! This day-long event provided attendees with all of the latest cybersecurity information they need to keep their businesses safe from current threats. The event included breakfast, lunch with an expert keynote speaker, multiple breakout training sessions and plenty of networking opportunities. The day ended with a happy hour with complimentary food and a drink ticket.


8:00 am — Registration check-in & breakfast

8:30 am — opening remarks

Brandon Eldridge, Pikes Peak SBDC

9:15 am — breakout sessions

Cyber 101
Rodney Gullette, Jr., Firma IT Solutions
Our “Cybersecurity 101” presentation is designed to be your gateway to understanding the fundamental principles of digital security. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking for a refresher, this presentation covers the basics of cybersecurity, including common threats, best practices, and essential tools to protect your online life.

Creating a Security-Minded Culture
Sonny Cordova, Lockheed Martin
This presentation is all about fostering a security-minded culture within your organization. We’ll explore how to instill a collective awareness of cybersecurity, encouraging everyone to play their part in safeguarding sensitive data and digital assets. Learn about the importance of training, policies, and promoting a culture of vigilance to protect against cyber threats. Join us to discover practical strategies for promoting a security-minded culture and defending your organization against evolving digital risks.

10:15 am — breakout sessions

Cybersecurity Insurance
JP West, WestCO Insurance LLC
The dynamic world of cybersecurity insurance is a critical component for businesses to protect against digital threats. We’ll discuss the evolving threat landscape, the types of cyber risks that companies face, and how cybersecurity insurance can be a vital safety net. Join us to understand how cybersecurity insurance can be a strategic asset in safeguarding your organization’s future.

Cyber on a Shoestring Budget
Jeff Straton, Ironwood Cyber Inc.
Need a guide for cost-effective ways to bolster your cybersecurity defenses? In this presentation we’ll explore practical strategies, free or budget-friendly tools, and best practices to protect your digital assets without breaking the bank. Join us to learn how to achieve robust cybersecurity even on a limited budget, ensuring your online presence remains safe and secure.

11:15 am — breakout sessions

Hacking AI for your Business
Dennis Natali and William Lenzini, Pike Peak State College
Since November 2022, the release of ChatGPT, GPT4, Bing, and now Google Bard has radically changed how the world accesses and creates information. So, how can the business professional use this natural language technology to improve marketing content delivery and streamline routine processes while at the same time protecting the company against almost undetectable cyber fraud?

Surviving the Standard (NIST SP800-171 Update)
Eric Mann, Corvus Technologies, LLC
Dive into the latest updates of the NIST Special Publication 800-171 and discover practical strategies for compliance and security. This presentation will help you navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity standards and ensure your organization remains in alignment with the most recent NIST guidelines. Join us to learn how to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity standards and regulations.

12:15 pm — Lunch & Keynote speaker

CMMC Update (Spanish Interpreter Available)
Shawn Murray, Murray Security Services
Get ready for a cybersecurity compliance adventure with our lively presentation from our keynote speaker on the latest updates to the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). We’ll surf the waves of change together, making compliance exciting and engaging. Join us for an interactive session filled with practical insights and a touch of fun, ensuring your organization is not just compliant but also having a blast while doing it!

1:30 pm — breakout sessions

Cybersecurity In Action: Tools & Strategies to Fortify Your Business (Spanish Interpreter Available)
Forest Senti, National Cybersecurity Center
Dive into the dynamic world of cybersecurity with our presentation, where we’ll showcase practical tools and strategies to strengthen your business’s digital defenses. From threat detection and incident response to employee training and risk management, we’ll provide actionable insights for businesses of all sizes. Join us to see cybersecurity in action and gain the knowledge and tools you need to protect your organization from the ever-evolving cyber threats.

Cyber Grant Panel
Gretchen Bliss, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Brandon Eldridge, Pikes Peak SBDC
Scott Sage, National Cybersecurity Center
Our interactive cybersecurity panel for small businesses is your chance to engage with industry experts and learn how to protect your organization against digital threats. Join us for an engaging discussion covering essential cybersecurity practices, cost-effective solutions, and real-world insights into safeguarding your small business. With an interactive Q&A, practical takeaways, and some actionable advice, you’ll leave with the knowledge and confidence to bolster your cybersecurity defenses and thrive in the digital landscape.

2:30 pm — breakout sessions

Ciberseguridad Simplificada (English Interpreter Available)
Al Ortiz, CSD Cyber
En nuestra presentación “Ciberseguridad Simplificada”, desglosamos el a menudo complejo mundo de la seguridad digital en conceptos fáciles de entender y pasos prácticos. Ya sea que seas nuevo en el tema o estés buscando una revisión sencilla, esta sesión aborda los principios fundamentales, las amenazas comunes y estrategias fáciles de usar para mejorar tu seguridad en línea. Únete a nosotros para desmitificar la ciberseguridad y aprender cómo proteger tu vida digital con confianza.
In our “Cybersecurity Simplified” presentation, we break down the often complex world of digital security into easy-to-understand concepts and practical steps. Whether you’re new to the topic or seeking a straightforward refresher, this session covers fundamental principles, common threats, and user-friendly strategies to enhance your online safety. Join us to demystify cybersecurity and learn how to safeguard your digital life with confidence.

Keep PII Safe & Secure
Christie “Roxy” Frieg, Alethia, Alethia Software
In this presentation, we’ll focus on the paramount importance of safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Learn essential strategies, best practices, and practical tools to ensure that sensitive personal data remains safe and secure from data breaches and cyber threats. Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of PII protection, and how to implement these measures in both personal and professional contexts. Your data’s security is our priority.

3:30 pm — Networking Happy Hour with Space ISAC

Meet Our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Shawn P. Murray


President, Chief Academic Officer, Cyber Security Professional

CISO, Murray Security Services & Consulting an Alpine Management & Investments, LLC Company

Shawn Murray is President and CAO at Murray Security Services and was previously assigned to the United States Missile Defense Agency as a senior cybersecurity professional. His previous assignments include work with the US Army Cyber Command in Europe, US Air Force and with Commercial Industry in various roles in Information Assurance and cybersecurity. He has traveled the globe performing physical and cybersecurity assessments on critical national defense and coalition programs and has prepared reports for the House Armed Services Committee and has testified for the U.S. Senate on small business concerns. He is the lead cyber consultant at the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and sits on the national SBDC cyber working group.

Dr. Murray has worked with SBA, Colorado Attorney General’s office, NSA, FBI, CIA and the US Defense and State Departments on various Cyber initiatives and has over 20 years of IT, communications and cybersecurity experience. He has presented as a featured or keynote speaker for numerous conferences across the globe and enjoys teaching and presenting as a guest lecturer on Cybersecurity, business and computer science courses at his Cyber Academy and for several universities. He has several industry recognized certifications to include the C|CISO, CISSP and CRISC. He holds several degrees to include an Applied Doctorate in Computer Science with a concentration in Enterprise Information Systems.

Dr. Murray is a Distinguished Fellow at the Information Systems Security Association and was recently elected as the new President to the International Board of Directors. He is a member of ISC2, ACM, IEEE, ISACA and the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council. He enjoys spending time traveling with his family, researching and collaborating with other professionals in cybersecurity and Cyber Law and plays soccer on a local league in Colorado Springs.

Meet Our Expert Speakers

Gretchen Bliss

university of colorado colorado springs

Sonny Cordova

Lockheed Martin


Brandon Eldridge

Pikes Peak SBDC

Christie "Roxy" Frieg

Alethia software

Rodney Gullatte, Jr.

firma it solutions

William Lenzini

pikes peak state college

Eric Mann

Corvus Technologies, LLC

Dr. Shawn P. Murray

Murray Security Services

Dennis Natali

Pikes Peak State College

Al Ortiz

Al Ortiz

CSD Cyber

Scott Sage

National cybersecurity center

Forrest Senti

National cybersecurity center

Jeff Stratton

Ironwood Cyber Inc.

JP West

WestCO Insurance LLC


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