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Our Team

Mark Bittle

Mark is the Director of Sales & Market Development for Hanson Hot Spring Spas. He also founded Connectionmark, a strategic planning and marketing firm, after seeing the opportunity to help businesses and key leadership become more productive and profitable. He works with his clients to assist them in growing and optimizing their businesses through strategic development, design, and execution. Bittle has been the Director of Marketing and Development for the largest media company in Southern Colorado and was a local executive for a Fortune 150 company. He was tired of seeing salespeople sell a solution without care for the development, management, and goals of their customers’ and clients’ businesses. Mark brings his entrepreneurial passion to everything that he does.

Bittle takes every opportunity to do what he does best while continuing to develop meaningful relationships within the community and driving results for his clients and his entire community. His responsibilities include Public Relations, Community Engagement, Market Development, and Strategic Planning. He is a creative asset to his clients, assisting them with developing exceptional marketing strategies and exceeding customer/client expectations. Mark has also facilitated Pikes Peak SBDC’s Leading Edge Course since 2009.

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