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Our Team

Loren Lancaster

Loren Lancaster holds two degrees (with honors) in engineering from the University of Texas-Austin and has 21 patents in the field of electronics. He has successfully completed over 15 strategic transactions and profitably invested in several early-stage ventures. Loren has worked as management, executive employee, and advisor and/or board member for multiple companies as well as a significant number of private equity groups. After accomplishing all of his personal career goals in the semiconductor industry, Loren transitioned into a multi-legged strategic business career focused on other business owners and helping them succeed in business. This career phase has included building and running an international investment banking practice, providing customer-focused strategic consulting, contributing within several boards, and building and running business community infrastructure supporting early stage and middle market companies in Colorado Springs.

Outside of business, Loren volunteers for the US Air Force as a Civil Air Patrol Mission Pilot, dabbles in the gold futures market, and enjoys being close to family and friends. He also has a passion for cooking, playing guitar, working out, skiing, cycling, traveling and watching movies.

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