Focusing on mental health and the workplace

Southern Colorado Mental Health Business Partnership

We’ve all witnessed the effects of Covid-19 on mental health and the challenges it creates in the workplace. SBDC & BBB® of Southern Colorado and our partners want to make sure businesses and business owners have access to resources that help them identify and build on their natural resiliency to combat mental health.

The rise in mental health conditions has been billed as another health crisis in the U.S.

While it is known that the pandemic in 2020 negatively impacted mental wellness, it is equally important to point out that America was experiencing a mental health crisis long before the pandemic. Over the past decade, mental and emotional health issues have “increased significantly,” according to research by the American Psychological Association.

As business leaders, we’ve all witnessed the effects of mental health challenges in the workplace, and we may have experienced our own share of these challenges as well. Many people are stressed out and burned out. And no matter how hard they try to overcome the effects of burnout — and despite the “don’t ask, don’t tell” culture that many companies have embraced in the past — they just can’t leave their worries at the door.

Join Diversus Health, David Commercial Real Estate and the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center in a six-part series for employers and employees to combat our ‘new norm’ and set us up as businesses for success.

Educate Your Staff

Train Your Leadership

Support Your Workforce


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