June 6 – June 10, 2021

Small Business Week & Food Truck Cook-Off

2021 Small Business Week for the Pikes Peak Region is June 6 – 10th! We will kick off our annual event with our famous Food Truck Cook-Off (drive thru style), followed by EPIC workshops and events designed to educate, celebrate, and champion local small businesses. Co-hosted by Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado (BBB) Pikes Peak Region Small Business Week is the largest Small Business Week celebration in the State of Colorado (and the U.S.A. in 2020).

You do not want to miss the 9-year anniversary of the biggest small business celebration in town! (SBW Pikes Peak Region is celebrated in conjunction the SBA’s National Small Business Week. This year we are holding our events in June – for better weather, increased safety and participation!)

Our EPIC Food Truck Cook off is back! To ensure safety of all our food truck business owners, employees and attendees, this year’s event will be held as a drive thru! Pile in your cars, bring your families, you will not want to miss the chance to test the latest flavors in the Pikes Peak Region! The Food Truck  License to Eat, a guide to the vibrant food truck community of the Pikes Peak Region will also be available to all as a digital download! Our one day event will extend via our guide through April of 2022! 

Get ready for fun as you drive through our event, sample amazing food, and participate in fun games to win prizes!

The Food Truck Cook-off location will soon be announced. Thank you in advance to our long time partner Broadmoor World Arena who will be hosting our ticket outlet. 

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With many new challenges that have appeared in the last year for small businesses, having a powerful Marketing message and strategy is more important than ever. In an ever-changing business environment, that has gone almost completely digital, it is more important than ever that businesses get their Marketing message right. These are turbulent times for businesses and the marketing messages seem to be changing weekly.

This session will discuss a diversity of ideas and visions about how to reach customers in 2021 and beyond, pivot quickly and have a strategic vision for the future. There is a common theme of business and the community working toward building a better future together and our prediction for Marketing in 2021 will be that it will continue to build upon this powerful theme.

Join us as we have a discussion from leaders in the marketing world as they hit the reset button on your marketing trends and expectations for 2021 and beyond.

Panelists: To Be Announced

For business, 2021 will be a year of reinvention. Major economic shifts have changed how we work, changed our communities and pushed business in new directions. As we continue to adapt to a COVID shaped world, this will change and reshape the economy and how business is conducted. Join us as we hear from small businesses that evolved their businesses models based on necessity or saw an opportunity in their industry. These small businesses will talk about how they evolved their teams, thinking and how they plan to respond to new threats, and create a more sustainable future.

Panelists: To Be Announced

As we rebuild the economy, we must consider this—rather than trying to rebuild an outdated economic system, we must build a better one by addressing the underlying structural flaws that have been exposed and exacerbated by the events of 2020.

Many of the social, environmental, and economic challenges we face today are downstream consequences of outdated economic systems and organizational models whose roots date back to the industrial age. The scale, urgency, and complexity of these challenges demand a fundamental upgrade to business-as-usual. The growing sector of for-benefit enterprises, also known as Social Impact Businesses, offers an opportunity to solve many of these social and environmental challenges, while advancing inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Combining attributes of traditional for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations, Social Impact Businesses are hybrid business structures whose higher purpose is delivering social and environmental benefit while making a profit. This innovation is evolving capitalism and traditional business models alike, all while broadening the current business definition of success. We need to unleash the power of purpose-driven organizations to build a better economy. By strengthening the supportive ecosystem for this 4th sector, we can rise to the challenge that the COVID-19 crisis has created to build a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable world. This is a transformative journey, transitioning from what has been a Shareholder supremacy paradigm to one that is inclusive of all Stakeholders and is intentional and strategic in serving communities while creating jobs. This journey requires new ideas, new voices, and massive collaboration at every level.

Panelists: To Be Announced

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Join our thriving business community on Thursday, June 10th for the VIRTUAL Small Business Week Celebration and Awards Banquet, where the winners in the following five categories will be announced:

  • Small Business Person of the Year
  • Small Business Champion of the Year
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Family-Owned Business of the Year
  • Veteran Small Business Owner of the Year
  • Best Food Truck of the Year – People’s Choice


Young Entrepreneur of the Year​

Honors an entrepreneur 35 years of age or younger with at least a one-year track record demonstrating innovativeness, commitment to the community and potential for long-term business success

Family-Owned Business of the Year

Honors a family-owned and operated business with multiple generationsrepresented with at least a ten-year track record demonstrating commitment to the community and other
family-owned businesses, prioritizing family and having potential for long-term business success

Veteran Small Business Owner of the Year​

Honors a U.S. Armed Forces veteran who has owned and operated a business with at least a two-year track record demonstrating commitment to the community and other veteran-owned businesses, incorporating their experience as a veteran into their business model and having potential for long-term business success

Small Business Champion of the Year

Honors an individual who has fulfilled a commitment to the advancement of small business opportunities, dedicating time and effort to advocating for, promoting and serving small businesses

Small Business Person of the Year​

Honors a business owner/operator (or team) with at least a three-year track record who meets multiple criteria defining a successful entrepreneur – criteria includes demonstrating exceptional increase in sales, net profit and net worth; sustained growth in number of employees; staying power; innovativeness in product or service; overcoming adversity; and community contributions.

Best Food Truck of the Year (People's Choice)

Based on popular vote from attendees at the annual Food Truck Cook-Off (winner to be announced during the awards banquet)

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