Todd Baldwin

Todd Baldwin is the President and Founder of Red Leg Brewing Company. After his time in the Army, Todd wanted to have the freedom of becoming an entrepreneur.
Todd’s unique path in starting Red Leg and growing it into one of the premier breweries in Colorado Springs is a fascinating look into the intricacies of running a business.

Founded on July 4, 2013, Red Leg Brewing Company has been one of the fastest growing breweries in Southern Colorado. With distribution throughout Colorado and now on military installations throughout the country. Red Leg continues to establish itself as the craft beer of service men and women and it’s a community. Todd is also the founding member of the Veterans Beer Alliance, a national organization of veteran-owned breweries working together to reduce their economies of scale. He has donated tens of thousands of dollars to local charities and is a stalwart in the local veteran community. Red Leg’s active approach to making delicious award-winning craft beer and serving its community has been the perfect recipe for success.
18 Cards or Bust is not just a story but Todd’s life. Cheers!

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