Luchal Lucas

Luchals got its start in June 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colorado by US Army (RET.) Chef Lucas. She started her stint as a 92G (Culinary Specialist) in the US Army. While doing so, she competed in civilian sector ACF competitions as she attained two silver and one bronze medals. She is also a graduate of Auguste Escofier School of Culinary Arts (Boulder Campus) where she attained an AS degree in Culinary Arts. Soon after, she started catering and became a private chef for concerts and events in the Colorado Springs/Denver area. She eventually opened and operated her food truck in 2017. As Luchals gained momentum, the company was asked to be a part of the new developments for the downtown Colorado Springs area in 2020, where she now owns a storefront inside of C.O.A.T.I, an urban eclectic/culinary-forward food hall.

As a young lady from the streets of Compton, California, her idea was to bring a variety of food made from scratch to the local area and provide sustainable seafood for everyone to enjoy. She takes pride in ensuring that every dish is made to perfection and with love. She trains and mentors a team of six that also has a passion for culinary arts. Her dream is to have brick and mortar locations in selected parts of the US and overseas and to eventually start a 501(c)3 mentoring program for juvenile delinquents and veterans who have a passion for cooking.

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