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Janna Hoiberg

Janna Hoiberg is a renowned international speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, and author who has personally led thousands of business owners to success and inspired thousands more during the course of her 30-year practice. A gifted teacher and stirring presenter, Janna ignites audiences, readers, and company principals with her proven strategies to elevate communications, sales, leadership, management, and team building.

As the author of several books and a wide range of business articles, Janna has gained recognition throughout the U.S. as a thought leader in the unique circumstances of businesses owned and managed by one or more family members. Her book — The Family Business: How to be in Business with People you Love, Without Hating Them – is a critically acclaimed, insightful compendium of her learning throughout decades of running her own businesses, speaking and coaching work teams who happen to be related to each other. Her latest book, The Backpackers Guide to Business Success: Thriving in the Wilderness of Business has been a great hit.

“Success seldom just happens; it takes perseverance, preparation, planning and commitment. In the backwoods, lack of perseverance, preparation and planning can make the difference between life and death. One wrong step can literally mean death. Not being physically prepared can leave you stranded on the mountain and totally lost. The same concepts are true for our businesses and careers.”

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