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Christina Gilbertson is a Colorado native, and spent several years litigating all aspects of civil matters (from contract negotiations through trial and appeals) in a wide range of practice areas in both Federal and State Courts at the district and appellate levels. Using her experience as a litigator, Christina now focuses her practice on general business counseling, with an emphasis on risk management to help business owners make sure that they have the necessary items such as contracts, insurance and procedures in place to protect them should a legal issue or claim arise.

Christina takes a practical approach in her legal counseling, endeavoring to understand clients as a whole and looking to address not only current issues that business owners may be facing, but also looking forward to the future to make sure that the solutions and advice given further the client’s ultimate goals.

I appreciate the time, information and resources Ron shared with me on Wednesday. Ron has a lot of experience that I can learn from.

Lesie Racz

Christina helped me to understand the purpose of an operating agreement, as well as what to insert into the document she looked over for

Leslie Racz

Christina [Gilbertson] is always amazing!!!!! Such great info and helps you work through the process!

Niki Cicak

Both (Jay McKeown & Christina Gilbertson) were very helpful and very professional- yet took a personal interest in my work which was productive in

Marcus Avery

Christina is awesome! So helpful and knowledgeable!

Niki Cicak

“Christina was most helpful in getting me setup with an appropriate business license in Colorado.”

Karen Pickering

“The meeting with Christina was very helpful and made me feel more confident and directed moving forward. Thank you SBDC!”

Chelsea Maffei

“We appreciated Christina and are incorporating her suggestions.”

Pamela Waisanen

“Christina Gilbertson was very professional, humble, and helpful. I immediately applied two recommendations she gave me after our talk. Thank you SBDC!!!”

Jason Krause

“Christina provided very good advice. Felt very confident and pleased with her answers and how incredibly helpful she was.”

Karen Pickering

“It was great. [Christina] helped me so much.”

Sheena Sampsel
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